Fleming Yachts Canada

About Us

Fleming Yachts Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Grand Yachts Inc. and shares offices, administrative systems and resources developed over thirty years of yacht sales and client service.

Fleming Yachts Canada was formed to provide direct, exceptional, and specialized client services befitting yachts of the calibre of Fleming Yachts, the sophisticated clients they attract, and the unique dimensions of buying and owning a Fleming in Canadian waters.

The expertise developed over 25 years of representing Fleming and over 35 years of representing other quality brands and countless brokerage yachts all over the world comes together in Fleming Yachts Canada. The Fleming sales specialists are factory trained, experts in design philosophy, construction and technical features, and have personal experience cruising Flemings. Each is an experienced yachtsmen intimately familiar with our waters, laws, tax regimes, customs and all dimensions of our cruising grounds. Each shall work closely with clients to choose the right model, layout and options to meet their unique needs in context of our climate and waters. Fleming Yachts Canada shall manage all aspects of the order, import, commissioning of the vessel and provide a comprehensive hand-over process. The relationships created in the sales process shall continue as long as any yachting need remains, and will undoubtedly result in lasting friendships.

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