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Interview with Tony Fleming

Over the years Tony Fleming has been asked many of the same questions by prospective buyers and journalists about his yachts. Recently he found the time to compile a list of these questions and answers, and the attached document highlights what he feels to be the most important features of "the ultimate cruising yacht.


Videos have been made of Tony Fleming's journeys in the Venture and Venture II. Some of the most recent Venture trips include extensive travels to such places as Antarctica, the North Pole, Sahara Desert and a train ride across Siberia.


Tony's memoirs, Riding the Tide, are now available both as a printed book and on Kindle. Neither version contains photos but, being an inveterate photographer all his life, Tony has created short videos containing photos and film which make a compelling visual companion to the written word. These videos can be accessed through the Vimeo link listed above and are still an ongoing work in progress.

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